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OpenAIRE Graph

Stay up to date with the latest developments in the OpenAIRE Graph and Open Science

Recap: The 1st OpenAIRE Graph Community Call

Get a recap of the very first OpenAIRE Graph Community Call which took place on 17 January 2024, where we welcomed over 80 participants in an open discussion surrounding the knowledge graph.

140+ Million Affiliation Links for Better Monitoring

Constantly improving! The new OpenAIRE Graph update features a significant increase in the number of affiliations links, providing you with the tools for better monitoring of the Open Science landscape.

AI with and for Open Science

AI tools are being used to generate content, write code, resolve accessibility issues, reconfigure writing processes and detect plagiarism. All this is reshaping researcher practice and culture in how they communicate, how they share, how they view infrastructure.

OpenAIRE Graph: Steadily riding the wild wave of Open Science

Enhancing its interpretation and reusability to provide an improved map of science.

OpenAIRE Graph: An intelligent gateway to scholarly communication

A key asset of OpenAIRE, get a general breakdown of the knowledge graph that is helping to shape the Open Science landscape.