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A Global Scholarly
Knowledge Graph

Open. Transparent. Interconnected.

272.5 M research products


Enriched. Deduplicated. Connected.

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Sept. 18, 2024 @ 11:00 CET

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Why the OpenAIRE Graph?

A 360o view of research

Publications, research data, software, protocols and other research outcomes interlinked, and all linked to authors, organisations, funders and publication venues.


Data uploaded to the Graph contain ORCID, ROR, Scholix, OpenCitations, and other registry identifiers, allowing for global interoperability and registered data is compliant with the OpenAIRE Guidelines.

Open & Trasparent

Provenance is tracked at all levels of records and properties, fully documented.
The Graph is freely available for download and re-use to all as CC-BY or CC-0.


Each record is classified with information related to Fields of Science, emerging scientific or technological topics, SDGs.


Open Access publications are processed by AI algorithms and extract information on authors citations of datasets, software, bioentities, methods, diseases, etc. providing context for discovery and assessment.

Completed with Metrics

Metrics are embedded into each record of the Graph to provide advanced statistics about its use, impact and openness.

The epitome of a community driven-effort and technological advancement.

How can I use or contribute to the OpenAIRE Graph?