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OpenAIRE Graph

Community Calls

Are you interested in the OpenAIRE Graph and how to use or contribute to it?

Join the conversation in our dedicated Community Calls.
We want to hear from you!

Join us as we delve into the makings and workings of the OpenAIRE Graph.

Every month, on the third Wednesday from 11:00-12:00 CET, the OpenAIRE Graph team will host an online conference call open to all in the research community.

This 3-part series exploring Use Cases & API, New Developments, and How it Works is an opportunity to present and discuss recent developments in the OpenAIRE Graph and the ways you can best harness it for your projects. Join us in open discussion and give us your feedback about the vast knowledge graph and how we can better the service for your needs.

  • Timeline: These meetings are held every month and are open to all to register. They will last an hour and will provide a perfect opportunity to answer any questions with our experts – about uses, the backend, updates… the floor is yours.

  • Structure: The meetings will have a generic structure with a particular topic of interest each time.
    1. Introductions and relevant updates (5 min.)
    2. Main topic presentation (30 min.)
    3. Open discussion on community questions and comments (25 min.)

  • #OpenAIRECommunity #OpenAIREGraph

Upcoming Calls

18 September 2024

Topic: TBD

Time: 11:00-12:00 CEST

Where: Zoom

Notes & Recordings

19 June 2024

Topic: The OpenAIRE Graph for Discovery: OpenAIRE EXPLORE as the Graph User-Interface

Recording Slides Notes

15 May 2024

Topic: Digging into Enrichment by Mining: Focus on Funders

Recording Slides Notes

17 April 2024

Topic:Unlocking Insights in Research using Open Data from the OpenAIRE Graph

Recording Slides Notes

20 March 2024

Topic: From Gigabytes to Insights: Performing Data Analysis with the Beginner's Kit.

Recording Slides Notes

21 February 2024

Topic: The 1st Step of the OpenAIRE Graph Workflow: The yin and yang of contents acquisition.

Recording Slides Notes

17 January 2024

Topic: The first call of this new series focused on introducing the OpenAIRE Graph, the need for it, and the role it plays in the Open Science landscape.

Recording Slides Notes