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Version: 5.0.0


A relationship in the graph is represented by the following data type, which aims to model a directed edge between two nodes, providing information about the semantic of the relation, its provenance and validation.

The Relationship object


Type: Node Cardinality: ONE

Represents the source node in the relation.

"source": {
"id": "20|openorgs____::1cb75a3ad756e4c83e455e3e7347643b",
"type": "organization"


Type: Node Cardinality: ONE

Represents the target node in the relation.

"target": {
"id": "10|doajarticles::022409068174087a003647ff46070f7f",
"type": "datasource"


Type: RelType Cardinality: ONE

Represent the semantics of the relation between two nodes of the graph.

"reltype": {
"name": "provides",
"type": "provision"


Type: Provenance Cardinality: ONE

Indicates the process that produced (or provided) the information.

"provenance": {
"provenance": "Harvested",


Type: Boolean Cardinality: ONE

Indicates weather or not the relation was validated.

"validated": true


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

Indicates the validation date of the relation - applies only when the validated flag is set to true.

"validationDate": "2022-09-02"

The Node object

The Node data type contains the minimum information needed to identify a graph node, its identifier and entity type.


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

OpenAIRE identifier of the node in the graph.

"id": "10|doajarticles::022409068174087a003647ff46070f7f"


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

Graph node type.

"type": "datasource"

The RelType object

The RelType data type models the semantic of the relationship among two nodes.


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

Relation category, e.g. affiliation, citation, see table Relation typologies.

"name": "provides"


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

Further specifies the relation semantic, indicating the relation direction, e.g. Cites, isCitedBy.

"type": "provision"

Relationship types

The following table lists all the possible relation semantics found in the graph dump.

Note: the labels used to specify the semantic of the relationships are (for the large) inherited from the DataCite metadata kernel, which provides a description for them.

#Source entity typeTarget entity typeRelation name / inverseProvenance
1ProjectResultproduces / isProducedByHarvested, Inferred by OpenAIRE, Linked by user
2ProjectOrganizationhasParticipant / isParticipantHarvested
3ProjectCommunityIsRelatedTo / IsRelatedToLinked by user
4ResultResultIsAmongTopNSimilarDocuments / HasAmongTopNSimilarDocumentsInferred by OpenAIRE
5ResultResultIsSupplementTo / IsSupplementedByHarvested
6ResultResultIsRelatedTo / IsRelatedToHarvested, Inferred by OpenAIRE, Linked by user
7ResultResultIsPartOf / HasPartHarvested
8ResultResultIsDocumentedBy / DocumentsHarvested
9ResultResultIsObsoletedBy / ObsoletesHarvested
10ResultResultIsSourceOf / IsDerivedFromHarvested
11ResultResultIsCompiledBy / CompilesHarvested
12ResultResultIsRequiredBy / RequiresHarvested
13ResultResultIsCitedBy / CitesHarvested, Inferred by OpenAIRE
14ResultResultIsReferencedBy / ReferencesHarvested
15ResultResultIsReviewedBy / ReviewsHarvested
16ResultResultIsOriginalFormOf / IsVariantFormOfHarvested
17ResultResultIsVersionOf / HasVersionHarvested
18ResultResultIsIdenticalTo / IsIdenticalToHarvested
19ResultResultIsPreviousVersionOf / IsNewVersionOfHarvested
20ResultResultIsContinuedBy / ContinuesHarvested
21ResultResultIsDescribedBy / DescribesHarvested
22ResultOrganizationhasAuthorInstitution / isAuthorInstitutionOfHarvested, Inferred by OpenAIRE
23ResultData sourceisHostedBy / hostsHarvested, Inferred by OpenAIRE
24ResultData sourceisProvidedBy / providesHarvested
25ResultCommunityIsRelatedTo / IsRelatedToHarvested, Inferred by OpenAIRE, Linked by user
26OrganizationCommunityIsRelatedTo / IsRelatedToLinked by user
27OrganizationOrganizationIsChildOf / IsParentOfLinked by user
28Data sourceCommunityIsRelatedTo / IsRelatedToLinked by user
29Data sourceOrganizationisProvidedBy / providesHarvested