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Version: 5.1.0

Data model

The OpenAIRE Graph comprises several types of entities and relationships among them.

The latest version of the JSON schema can be found on the Downloads section.

Data model

The figure above, presents the graph's data model. Its main entities are described in brief below:

  • Results represent the outcomes (or products) of research activities.
  • Data Sources are the sources from which the metadata of graph objects are collected.
  • Organizations correspond to companies or research institutions involved in projects, responsible for operating data sources or consisting the affiliations of Product creators.
  • Projects are research project grants funded by a Funding Stream of a Funder.
  • Communities are groups of people with a common research intent (e.g. research infrastructures, university alliances).
Further reading

A detailed report on the OpenAIRE Graph Data Model can be found on Zenodo.