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Version: 7.1.3

Other related datasets

In this page, we list other related datasets; please refer to their respective schema definitions for the data model they follow.

The dataset of ScholeXplorer


Schema (Scholix version 3):

Schema (Scholix version 4):

This dataset is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication. The dataset contains the GZ-compressed dataset of the Scholix links exposed by the OpenAIRE ScholeXplorer service.

The OpenAIRE LOD dataset


The OpenAIRE LOD dataset has been discontinued. The SPARQL Endpoint is no longer supported but old LOD datasets can be found in the link below.

Dataset (RDF):

The OpenAIRE Linked Open Data (LOD) Services and their integration with the OpenAIRE information space have been released as a beta version. The LOD exporting process started with a specification of the OpenAIRE data model as an RDF vocabulary, and then mapping of the OpenAIRE data to the graph-based RDF data model. To interlink the OpenAIRE data with related data on the Web, we have identified a list of potential datasets to interlinked with, including the DBpedia dataset extracted from Wikipedia and the publication databases DBLP and CiteSeer.