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Version: 7.1.0

APIs specification changelog

2024-01-09T11:14:10.524604ZNew parameters for publications. Now you can specifυ if they are peer reviewed, in diamond journal, publicly funded, green and specify their OA colour.
2023-11-30T11:39:10.159187ZAdded impact factor parameters. Now you can sort results and query by impact, influence, impulse and citation count.
2023-11-29T12:26:17.660379ZNew registration and token process available at Updated documentation
2023-05-25T09:16:19.903365Znew instancetype parameter added
2022-09-29T07:03:32.109909Zupdated URLs to the broker swagger UI
2022-09-28T20:35:13.116653Zupdated URLs to the broker swagger UI
2022-07-28T12:02:06.271154ZUpdated list of funders supported by the API for bulk access to projects: EC Horizon Europe also included
2022-05-11T10:01:33.969973ZNew end point for researchProducts in selective access! FOS and SDG classifications available for publication requests
2022-03-29T15:03:29.583536ZGraph dataset: add new Scholix version 4
2021-11-12T12:04:52.900385ZoriginalId parameter added
2021-10-18T15:31:18.446582ZOAI-PMH publisher completely dismissed as announced in January 2021
2021-10-12T07:46:48.032978Zorcid parameter added in selective access
2021-04-08T10:28:02.371361ZAuthenticated requests to our APIs are now enabled.
2021-02-26T16:28:15.364435ZNEWS: new dataset available with research products with project funding information
2021-02-17T07:39:46.051129ZWIP: broker API documentation
2021-02-11T09:06:41.608115ZBroker API documentation
2021-02-10T10:17:39.504429ZAuthentication documentation added + broker card + broker dummy page
2021-02-01T08:55:35.496938ZOAI-PMH shutdown announced for the end of April 2021
2021-01-15T18:56:04.748404ZUpdated documentation on OpenAIRE Research Graph Datasets
2021-01-15T16:57:08.569766ZAnnouncing the shutdown of the OAI-PMH publisher
2019-01-25T15:36:27.264313ZAdded new parameter country for research products
2018-10-17T10:39:56.570815ZSoftware and Other research products are available via HTTP API. Documentation has been updated.
2018-04-09T09:20:24.763966ZAdded section on terms of services and SLA in the specific API pages
2018-04-09T08:26:18.897089ZAdded section for terms of use and SLA in the home page
2018-03-21T15:31:13.490821Zdded page with list of changes generated from the svn log
2018-03-21T14:58:14.569096ZAdded APi rate limits
2018-03-21T14:46:32.362617Zignore intellij settings
2018-02-01T14:44:00.743257ZLatest schema version is 1.0
2018-01-30T10:29:03.037760Zremoved authorOpenaireId parameter + change the message to say the schema is already changed
2018-01-26T13:09:17.887663ZRemoved openaireAuthorID from API documentation
2018-01-11T14:41:29.910148ZRephrase LOD to Linked Open Data
2018-01-11T13:56:40.051318Zadd LOD box in overview.html
2018-01-11T13:48:19.812005ZAdding warning for schema change
2017-10-23T14:21:15.794995Zintellij file
2017-10-09T10:43:56.532687ZAdded HTML files for api documentation based on uikit
2017-10-06T12:08:16.603152Zdeleting old API documentation: new will be committed soon by Katerina
2017-10-06T12:04:55.560134Zcopied from dnet40
2017-05-26T11:44:59.926816Zremoved warning for fundingStream queries
2017-05-25T12:36:43.800409Zwarning and location of the api in the prod infra
2017-03-29T13:58:34.013071Zreformatted xml and new generated HTML
2017-03-29T13:57:23.196971Zchanged pubdate
2017-03-29T13:46:08.349593Zadded link to the OpenAIRE helpdesk
2017-03-29T13:39:44.386894Zfixed param hasWTFunding (instead of hasUKFunding) + list of supported funders
2017-03-29T13:37:43.381141Zparam name is dateOfAcceptance not of collection
2017-02-22T09:31:34.767373Z#2630: informing that incremental harvesting is not supported and updated list of interesting OAI sets
2016-01-18T10:38:57.125792Zcommented warning section
2015-09-15T09:04:00.819955Zadded this week in the warning week
2015-09-15T09:02:37.458839Zupdated supported funders and removed section about the TSV as it is only to be used by NOADs
2015-09-15T08:56:37.943151Zremoved organizations OAI set in the examples. Added FP7Publications.
2015-09-15T08:54:41.579385ZUpdated links to the guidelines
2015-09-15T08:53:06.677011ZOAI-PMH discards duplicates now
2015-08-26T08:51:32.795385Zadded schema 0.3 as the latest schema
2015-05-18T12:10:24.329058Zcsvn and tsv formats available for search api
2015-03-20T10:54:31.069584Zfixed tsv URL
2015-03-20T10:49:46.639336Zupdated date
2015-03-20T10:49:11.327980Zadded documentation for the projects2tsv endpoint
2015-03-19T11:18:36.226626Zminor changes to a couple of sentences
2015-03-13T17:35:01.980176Zupdated the generated html
2015-03-13T17:33:41.882951Zadded list of avaialble funding streams and those that are coming soon
2015-03-13T17:33:02.339565Zopenaire compliance of OAI-PMH
2015-02-04T14:16:56.528188Z#1062: OAI-PMH and HTTP numbers are not the same becuase of duplicates
2014-12-03T15:17:27.207961Z#1031: title of eprints/dspace export
2014-11-13T16:11:13.633046ZUpdated date and generated new html
2014-11-13T16:08:12.045544ZFixed documentation about datasets
2014-11-11T18:43:18.738678ZFixed documentation for publications
2014-11-11T17:09:19.351093Zadded sortby parameter
2014-09-17T09:05:38.726757Zcreated tag folder for release
2014-08-04T10:59:48.089720ZUpdated pubdate
2014-08-04T10:58:22.814919ZOverview cleanup
2014-08-04T10:50:54.515588Zadded links to the latest available schema and documentation
2014-07-24T14:09:49.733958Z#690: HTTP API documentation for project and other updates.
2014-06-06T08:41:45.731338Z#550: making it clear we are delivering metadata only. Clenaup.
2014-05-14T16:38:30.702554Zupdated date
2014-05-14T16:35:05.787718Zre-added OAI set for projects
2014-04-30T10:42:18.355154Zupdated oxygen project with the correct tree structure
2014-04-30T10:41:14.539090ZAdded and commented property to generate output in chunks
2014-04-30T10:40:30.012256Zmvn generates output with no chunks in a single file: api-doc.html
2014-04-30T10:39:37.875730ZMain docbook file renamed from book.xml to api-doc.xml
2014-04-30T10:34:16.576722Zupdated OAI-PMH sets: now delivering only research products and no other entities.
2014-04-15T09:53:22.158487Zcopied dnet-api-http-doc to new dnet40 codebase
2014-04-10T09:53:59.192401Zremoved target/*classes from svn
2014-04-09T10:46:05.757155Zmavenized project. Generates html running mvn docbkx:generate-html. results are then in target/docbkx
2014-04-09T09:18:26.268418Zadded links to xsd and xsd doc in the overview chapter
2014-04-08T12:55:01.169556Zticket #300: updated doc for APIs
2014-03-10T18:13:38.784171Znot a maven project
2014-03-10T18:13:18.180379Zbasic structure for API doc
2014-03-10T13:50:02.957489Zadded files as generated by the archetype docbkx-quickstart-archetype v2.0.15
2014-03-10T13:45:30.505315Zcreated module for HTTP API docbook