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Version: 5.0.0


Research communities and research initiatives are intended as groups of people with a common research intent and can be of two types: ​research initiatives or ​research communities​:

  • Research initiatives are intended to capture a view of the information space that is "research impact"-oriented, i.e. all products generated due to my research initiative;
  • Research communities the latter “research activity” oriented, i.e. all products that may be of interest or related to my research initiative.

For example, the organizations supporting a research infrastructure fall in the first category, while the researchers involved in a discipline fall in the second.

The Community object


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

The OpenAIRE id for the community/research infrastructure, created according to the OpenAIRE entity identifier and PID mapping policy.

"id": "00|context_____::5b7f9fa40bdc12072249204cedfa7808"


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

The acronym of the community.

"acronym": "covid-19"


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

Description of the research community/research infrastructure

"description": "This portal provides access to publications, research data, projects and software that may be relevant to the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). The OpenAIRE COVID-19 Gateway aggregates COVID-19 related records, links them and provides a single access point for discovery and navigation. We tag content from the OpenAIRE Graph (10,000+ data sources) and additional sources. All COVID-19 related research results are linked to people, organizations and projects, providing a contextualized navigation."


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

The long name of the community.

"name": "Corona Virus Disease"


Type: String Cardinality: MANY

The list of the subjects associated to the research community (only appies to research communities).

"subject": [


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

The type of the community; one of { Research Community, Research infrastructure }.

"type": "Research Community"


Type: String Cardinality: ONE

The URL of the Zenodo community associated to the Research community/Research infrastructure.

"zenodo_community": ""